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About Helicon Graphics

Helicon Graphics was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective. Our objective was to offer Service and Parts at a revolutionary price, while creating a company based on relationships and not bottom line profit. Every idea starts with a problem, ours was simple: There was no one stop shop for the large format printing and cutting industry.

The cost and time involved in using multiple vendors to find the best service can be somewhat daunting and certainly a drain on man hours which removes you, the client, from doing what you do best… Create and Manufacture.

We started Helicon Graphics to create an alternative.

By circumventing traditional channels we are able to bring you the best prices for both service and parts on printers and cutters. We believe that keeping your business running smooth should be your priority and Helicon would like to be the partner that helps you achieve that.

At Helicon we offer certified cutter technicians who can work on most major cutting tables including Kongsberg, Zund, and Blackman & White tables.

Office: 262-342-6330

Joe Grorich
Service Manager

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